Ultrasonic Pest Control

Our Ultrasonic Pest Control Utilizes a High Pressure Ultrasonic sound that humans can't hear. If you were a Pest the Ultrasonic Pest Control would be extremely uncomfortable, similar to putting your ear right up next to a loud police siren. The Pests react to the Ultrasonic Pest Control the same way we would to the police siren or any other loud uncomfortable noise and flee far from the source of audio discomfort.

Although People aren't affected by the Ultrasonic Pest Control, Pests are startled, disorientated and absolutely do not enjoy the uncomfortable sounds the Ultrasonic Pest Control delivers.

Ultrasonic Pest Control uses a variable pulse generator, so like the Electromagnetic Pest Control the Pests do not get accustom to the Ultrasonic Pest Control powerful ultrasonic frequencies up to 1,000 sq feet.

EZ Klean Rodent Bait Station

EZ KLEAN is your solution for an economical, easy to operate, and easy to clean rodent bait station for safe control of rats and mice in your home and yard. To control mice and rodents, add your choice of solid, pellet, or liquid rodent bait to the EZ KLEAN station and lock the lid in place with a simple twist of a key. For outdoor use, place EZ KLEAN rodent bait stations along the outside wall of your home every 30 to 50 feet. You can also place them behind shrubs, around detached garages and in and around storage sheds. For indoor use, place the bait stations in attics, under sinks, and just about any other place where rodents are likely to hide or nest. Rodents will smell and seek out the bait and enter the trap to obtain it.

Brigand SB - Soft Bait Rodenticide

Brigand SB is a great product that is made of the best ingredients to kill your rodent problem for good. Sometimes, when you use rodenticide, the rodents do not go for the bait because they have more palatable food sources. That's when you use Brigand SB rodenticide. Made of food grade flour, grains, synthetic peanut flavoring and lard, this bait is highly attractive to rodents, making sure that they eat the bait instead of other food stuffs. Since Brigand SB uses peanut flavoring instead of nuts, it is easier to clean up and avoids any possible allergen issues.

Brigand WB - Wax Block Rodenticide

Brigand WB - Wax Block Rodenticide is one of the most durable rodenticides on the market. It is made of the same quality ingredients that PelGar is known for: including food grade flour, oats, wheat and milk protein, increasing the palatability of the rodenticide. Brigand WB is special because it has edible waxes holding it together, giving the bait unsurpassed durability from the elements, making it ideal for situations that other baits can't handle.

Trapper T-Rex Rat Trap

The Trapper® T-Rex Rat Trap is a state-of-the-art mechanical trap that offers superior rat capture. Patented interlocking teeth make rat escape virtually impossible. With T-Rex you'll get the perfect combination of trigger sensitivity and trap velocity – speed and responsiveness that ensure a successful and deadly capture. Easy to set and safer to use than traditional snap traps, the T-Rex can be placed directly in a Protecta Rat Bait Station, or tied to pipes or beams that rats may use as highways. A bait cup in the center of the trigger pedal makes it easy to add baits including Bell's new Provoke Rat Attractant.

Provoke Mouse Attractant

Provoke Mouse Attractant is the first and only attractant designed specifically for mice, according to their food preferences. Simply place a small amount of Provoke on the your snap trap or mouse multi- catch trap or glue board. Your trap will now become twice as enticing! In a recent field study where several cases of mouse traps were placed – half with Provoke and half with peanut butter-- 29 mice were caught within the first hour by traps using Provoke, while only 3 mice were caught by the peanut butter traps.

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