Bird control

Birds aren’t exactly the first thing you think of when you think of pest control, but there are many occasions where birds can become a serious nuisance and knowing how to get rid of birds can easily become the one thing you think about more than anything. If birds, such as pigeons or doves, have made a nest in spaces in your attic or roof they can spread disease, including small parasitic Bird Mites that will cause even more problems down the road.

Although killing birds is not generally recommended, there are many bird repellents that will send a clear message that your home is off limits. You can control most birds with certain repellents.

Flea control

Flea control and killing fleas is not an easy task. However, with the professional flea control products from German pest control, killing fleas is something any homeowner can do themselves. Vacuuming inside the home is an essential part of any indoor flea treatment. Flea killer spray and Flea killer granules should be used outdoors in harborage areas.

Spider control

Spiders and other arachnids are in general very helpful for your garden, but they are unfortunately NOT so helpful in your home. However, you don’t have to call an exterminator to get rid of spiders. Getting rid of spiders is just a few simple steps away with our products.

Snake control

Snakes come in many different types, and although they are not one of the most common pests they do present a distinct problem whenever they intrude on human dwellings. One of the greatest threats from certain varieties of snakes is the fact that they are venomous and can cause severe illness and even death if they bite humans or animals. This is especially true for small children and pets, as their lower body mass offers no resistance to the venom of most snakes. Therefore if you are having a problem with an infestation of these creatures, your first thought is definitely going to be how to get rid of snakes.

Wasp & Hornet Control

Here at German Pest Control you will find all of the products you will need to get rid of a wasp or hornet’s nests near your home or business, as well as unlimited free expert advice on the best ways to keep yourself safe while applying these products and getting rid of the menace of wasps.

Mosquito control

Mosquitoes are without a doubt one of the most dangerous and annoying pests that you can encounter, and definitely a pest you think of when you hear the phrase pest control.

Mosquitoes are known to spread a wide range of serious and deadly diseases such as dengue fever, malaria and west Nile virus. Having mosquitoes around not only is a nuisance but also represents a serious health issue.

Crickets control

Grasshoppers might not be the most numerous or troublesome of pests, but they can definitely cause some annoying issues, particularly in the lawn and garden. For this reason, Grasshopper control is an issue and the best pest control store in the world has what you need to get rid of Grasshoppers.

A Grasshopper’s diet consists of virtually any leafy or green plant and they can be voracious eaters that will quickly decimate the plants you’ve worked so hard to cultivate, if they are allowed free reign over your green spaces.